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Custom Wood That Lasts.

We sell single-slab, live-edge tables. Sometimes we will bookmatch some slabs if they look super cool. But our focus is on highlighting a single piece of wood that will be the centerpiece of your room. Coffee tables, kitchen islands, bar-tops, dining room tables, foyer tables, side tables, you name it, we can build it custom, from 4′ to 24′ in length, as wide as 6′ if you need it!



Our wood is sourced from stock that would ordinarily be turned into firewood. These are the left-over stumps, and trunks that aren’t good for dimensional lumber. These are not trees cut down for their wood, but trees that have been removed because they were either already fallen, or in danger of falling. We take the wood that most mills aren’t interested in and use a 6′ chainsaw mill to make the products you can see here.


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