NeuroGrow is a neurology practice dedicated to providing science-based treatment programs for patients with concussion, ADHD, and memory loss.

Nationally Recognized Neurologist, Trained at Harvard and Johns Hopkins

Dr. fotuhi is a renowned neurologist who has been featured in the media and press

More Than 80% of Our Patients Gain Remarkable Results

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Dr. Fotuhi has over 25 years of research and clinical experience at Johns Hopkins and Harvard Medical School in the field of memory, aging, and brain rehabilitation.  He has developed a “Brain Fitness Program” that has had an 84 percent success rate

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We offer a comprehensive program which includes a drug-free treatment for children or adults with ADD or ADHD, called neurofeedback.  This is a safe and effective method that has been supported by numerous placebo-controlled clinical trials

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Concussion & TBI

Sometimes patients who suffered a concussion have lingering symptoms for weeks, months, or even years. Dr. Fotuhi, with his expertise in the fields of memory, migraine, sleep, anxiety, and dizziness, has put together a successful program for such patients

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Dizziness & Vertigo

Dr. Fotuhi completed a one-year fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital and served as the director of the center for balance, dizziness, and vertigo at Sinai Hospital
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Patients with migraine are often sensitive to many triggers in their environment. They have excruciating sensitivity to light, sound, and certain foods. They tend to suffer from frustration with their symptoms
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Anxiety & Insomnia

Anxiety, depression, and insomnia can significantly harm your brain in the long term. Patients with chronic anxiety and poor sleep may find it difficult to function

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Every patient has his/her own story. At NeuroGrow Brain Fitness Center we enjoy learning not only about their symptoms but also about their life’s experiences, their goals for the future, their hobbies, and what’s important to them.

Patients aren’t just a collection of symptoms, they are human beings with emotions, challenges, and aspirations. We want to understand the core of who our patients are so that we can get to the root cause of their concerns and treat them as a whole.

Patient Testimonials

It is our mission at Neuro Grow to provide the most personable, high quality, affordable healthcare for our patients in a welcoming environment. Please take a look at some of our most recent testimonials from our happy patients below and feel free to let us know how we are doing.Our doctors and staff welcome your feedback and view your compliments and comments as an important part of our growth as a practice.